Design & Development Portfolio

Annexstad Family Foundation

Redesigned and developed the Annexstad Family Foundation website from the ground up, making the site more fluid, engaging, and easy-to-manage.


  • Strong focus on philanthropic mission of the Foundation and the youth served is consistently presented throughout the site
  • Navigation and infrastructure completely revamped to improve user experience and flow
  • Increased use of slideshows, images, and videos work to engage and connect the mission of the Foundation with visitors
  • Utilizes WordPress as a CMS for ease of maintenance and future growth of site

International Family Nursing Association

Created professional and inviting web presence for the growing International Family Nursing Association. Continue to provide guidance as part of the organization's Communications Committee.


  • Modernized appearance and navigation of the website, providing the organization a more professional image to aid them in their efforts to attract new members
  • Incorporated customized social networking functionality, that allows members to create personalized profiles and participate in discussion forums
  • Social media sharing functionality is prominently featured throughout the site enabling and encouraging an integrated experience
  • Content is easily updated by non-technical staff and members of the organization using Wordpress as the CMS

TODAY Online Alumni Magazine

Led the design and development of a new, inviting, and interactive online format of Minnesota State Mankato’s alumni magazine.


  • Complements the print issues, but can updated often increasing the frequency of connecting with alumni
  • Content can be easily updated by non-technical staff using Wordpress as the CMS
  • Enabled Alumni Association to save money by reducing the print issues by one
  • Interactive interface appeals to and reaches a broader and younger audience

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Managed the website for Minnesota State University, Mankato—a comprehensive university with over 18,000 students, 140 undergraduate and 40 graduate programs—ensuring images and content of high level pages adhered to brand standards.


  • Strengthened the University's brand and improved web presence
  • Developed marketing strategies to drive visitors to the website
  • Collaborated with the University Web Development Team to continually improve infrastructure and navigation, improving overall user experience
  • Trained staff in the use of custom Content Management System (CMS) and best practices for adding content

The Saint John's Bible

This award-winning website is the result of a collaborative effort between multiple divsions at Saint John's University and external brand, advertising, and web development agencies. The website showcases the hand-written, hand-illuminated Bible in an equally extraordinary way.

American Advertising Federation of Central Minnesota
2010 Gold and Judge's Choice Awards


  • Infrastructure was developed from the ground-up in order to combine three separate sites—ecommerce, development, and project background—resulting in one rich, cohesive user experience
  • Rich imagery throughout the site communicates the skill involved in the creation of this artistic masterpiece
  • Interactive sections of the site enables viewers to dynamically page through each of the seven volumes of the Bible and purchase fine art prints
  • Visual redesign of the online store ensured a seamless user experience while at the same time enabling the updated site to work with the existing ecommerce framework